Love is Love...

Love is love and every love is unique and special. It’s your wedding day, it’s your rules. It’s a new world where one wedding model no longer fits all. No matter how extravagant or informal, embrace the uniqueness that is you and your love.

The Most Beautiful Sight

A couple celebrating their wedding day is the most beautiful sight and as a photographer, I find there’s nothing more wonderful to capture and immortalise. Your photographs are how you will remember your wedding day in years to come and my passion is providing couples with memories that last a lifetime. I want your personalities to shine through and for the romance, the festivities and the spectacle of your day to come alive every time you look at the print hanging on your living room wall or every time you cosy up together to leaf through your storybook album.

Eternal Mementoes

You deserve the highest quality images that will last forever. I want you to hang your prints in the home you make together with pride, eternal mementoes of your precious love. I want to provide you with a luxury album that will one day amaze your grandchildren. I want you to hear them say “I hope my wedding day is as magical as yours was…” and for them to dream of their own fairytale wedding.

Bespoke to Your Needs

Let me provide you with a first class premium service, bespoke to your needs, from consultation to delivery of albums and prints. Trust in me to deliver stunning photographs, capturing the wonder of the event, from glamorous portraits to intimate emotions, whilst you just relax, have fun and enjoy the moment. Your moment.

Call Me For a Consultation

As every wedding is unique and has its own requirements, I tailor my collections to your needs.

My wedding collections start from £1295

Call me for a free consultation and a chat about your specific requirements.

Copyright 2023 – Rishi Rai

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Copyright 2023 – Rishi Rai

Privacy Policy

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