Now more than ever, it’s critical to have an online presence. Any serious business needs to populate its websites and social media accounts with high quality professional photographs and video.

Let me help your business look its very best…


From corporate headshots to acting portfolios to social media branding, boost your profile with high end images that help you stand out from the crowd

The Arts

Outside of photography, my biggest passion is for the arts – unit stills for Film & TV, theatre production work, shooting musicians, dancers and free spirits I’m available to help with all your creative endeavours.


Recently I’ve begun specialising in commercial fine dining food photography. You get stunning images of your delicious food & I get to sample some of said delicious food. A win all round…


As we came out of the first lockdown, I began to focus on architectural photography, as it was a relatively safe field to work in. Happily, I discovered that it was another area of commercial work that I loved capturing!

Architects & Interior Designers, allow me to help your work shine.


I began my career shooting corporate & private events (and weddings) and I still love capturing the atmosphere of a good event.

From product launches to birthday parties, let me showcase the spectacle of your events.


A couple in love on their wedding day is the most beautiful sight and as a photographer, I find there’s nothing more beautiful to capture and immortalise

Copyright 2024 – Rishi Rai

Privacy Policy

Copyright 2024 – Rishi Rai

Privacy Policy

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